Episode 14 – November (2019)

On this months episode

Mikez Monthly Update:

  • Interviewing, Interviewing & Interviewing
  • Conference Applications
    • GK2020 in Brisbane
  • Black Friday Sales
    • Automation and Hue Products
  • SketchNoting, Videos
  • Xmas break coming up
    • Work Xmas parties
    • Gifts
  • Managing Email

Brodz Monthly Update:

  • STEM conference speaking at Griffith
    • Silica (opal) founda on Mars
  • Recreation
    • Kayak
    • New Fireplace (the legacy of household items

Tech News:

  • Detecting Heart Rhythms using facial recognitions tech and AI
  • Twitter could save lives – Using localised information (tweets) and AI to discern and predict health outbreaks


  • Sushi Wednesdays

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