Episode 17 – February (2020)

On this months episode

Mikez Monthly Update:

  •  Golden Key Summit
    • Requested to give a live webinar to US Golden Key members
    • Presentation @ summit went really well
    • Lot’s of great networking
  • New Job
    • Loving it
    • Hiring staff
    • Working with consultants
    • Great team

Brodz Monthly Update:

  • Back to Uni ( Lecturing in AgileBA)
  • Cognitive Hacks
    • Gluten-Free Diet
    • Crosswords
    • Routines
  • Toastmasters/Theatre Creative and Professional/Community

Tech News:

  • New s20 Phone (Camera impressive, stability, cost)
  • TESLA and cursor


  • Interview with John Scullen @ AAF

2 thoughts on “Episode 17

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